Nikki's Story


“Beauty Begins The Moment You Decide To Be Yourself" ~CoCo Chanel~

 Have you ever found yourself asking “who am I?” Me Too! Do you want to experience that excitement when getting dressed each day? I love to shop in my closet, pulling out clothing like it’s a first time. I am Nikki, a stylish, sophisticated, smart, savvy, inspirationist, sensible, intelligent woman. I’m also a wife, mother and cheerleader who is certified image consultant, personal style coach and color analyst. How did I figure it out? Well, let me tell you. As a young woman, I learned to use clothing and style to empower me. This opened the door for women (and men) to seek me out for shopping tips, fashion and styling suggestions, to enhance their own professional appearance, while increasing their confidence. There’s a saying, “if you dress better you feel better”. I found this to be my truth.   


“I don't do fashion, I AM fashion.” ~CoCo Chanel~

Over the years while raising my children as a single mom, I discovered that I had an eye for color and was truly gifted and passionate about wardrobe and styling. My friends, family and even co-workers, raved about my unique gift; often catching the attention of strangers, who then asked to be styled! What an amazing compliment. You see, my natural passion, my desire is to encourage and empower you to be your very best by discovering your own style, expressing yourself through it, with clothing and accessories. Ladies, I get the most incredible feeling helping women discover something new through the power of image and personal style.  


“A Girl Should Be Both Classy and Fabulous” ~ CoCo Chanel~)

 Do you know that there’s a seven second window to make a FIRST Impression? It’s True! Don’t sweat it, I’ll show you how to make that very important first impression. Do you know that we only wear 20% of what is in our closets? I didn’t believe it either but… It’s true! I’ll help you sort through to find that 80% that’s taking up space, while showing you the tricks and tips on how to shop your own closet, FUN TIMES! Do you know that hiring a stylist is not for the rich and famous? No, it’s for you, the woman who’s ready to take the leap to invest in her life.  My mission is to ignite and inspire, a classy, sophisticated, confident YOU. Not for a moment, but for a lifetime.