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Your Image, Your Style

Your Image, Your Style

Do you express yourself through what you wear? Guess What? Everyone Does!

We all have what I call a 'True Style Personality'. In most cases, a secondary one as well.


Your Image, Your Style

Your Image, Your Style

Your Image, Your Style

  • Do you find that you gravitate toward certain clothing, styles, fabrics and brands? Have you tried them on but they don't quite work for you? Fashion and style are not synonymous. Fashion is about trend. Style is about self expression. It's like telling a story about who you are by what your wear.  Do you prefer classic clean lines with no fluff or fuss, or do you prefer flowing   layers and floral patterns? Are you just sporty and casual with denim as your main squeeze or are you more edgy? All of these are about how you express your uniqueness to the world.


The Why

Your Image, Your Style

The Why

Why? Glad you asked! It may not be the correct style for your personality or your body shape. Obtaining the knowledge your body type and how it works hand in hand with your personal style, is key to getting the image you want to present 100% of the time!


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The Process

This is a process. We will complete your assessment in approximately 3 appointments. At our first consultation we'll spend about an hour together to get acquainted. I will be able to address any questions or concerns that you may have about our work together.

Learning your personal style

This is an assessment to determine your personal style, preferences, colors, accessory choices. 

Body Proportion Analysis

At this consult consists of measuring your body proportions and your facial shape. This allows me to determine and make recommendations for wardrobe, hair styles, eyewear and accessories that is specifically complements your shape. 

The Finishing Touches

I will provide you with your very own portfolio of our work together. That will consists of all of the above: 

  • Your style personality with suggested styles choices
  • The colors that are best for you cause you to look the most vibrant and healthy
  • Guidelines for accessories and eyewear suggestions 

And More!

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Because Every Woman Is Unique

Spending time with you allows me to identify your unique concerns and desires for your new journey.  

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